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Service maintenance of logging equipment

You can order the repair of logging equipment : from oil change to full repair. We repair all types of forest equipment: semi-trailers, hydraulic manipulators, drum and disc chopping complexes, etc.

We take requests and send a maintenance team within a day. This is the fastest service in Belarus.

The key to success in logging is
equipment and high-quality service
The key to success in the forestry business directly depends on the quality of the equipment you work on, and possible breakdowns can throw you out off your stride.

Based on many years of experience, TIGER LLC provides full service of the sold equipment , including in and out of warranty repair. Thanks to the highly qualified staff of our service department, TIGER LLC will provide you with promped and high-quality service.

The list of the services we provided is very large, starting from the replacement of oils and ending with the replacement of the component parts of our equipment. It is also possible to purchase duplicates.
Services provide
Full repair

Replacement or restoration of frame structures, undercarriage, skid shoes, lift truck spreader, hydraulic housing, slewing gear, logging arm, telescope, fluid power cylinder, high-pressure control.

Repair of hydraulic systems

Restoration or replacement of fluid power cylinder, high-pressure control. Replacement of steering rack, hydraulic distributor.

Welding service

Semi-automatic welding in the environment of protective gases of any complexity on our space or with a visit to the customer.

Repair of lift truck spreader

Replacement of the duplicating machine, gripper fingers Restoration or replacement of the fixture.

Thimble repair

Eve bar, piston packing, rod, sleeve replacement.

Leg repair

Gear shaft, fixed member reconstruction/ replacement. steering rack, pillows, piston packing replacemen.

Chassis repair

Anchors, hinge pins, brake fluid lines, hydraulic brake lines replacement.

Scheduled maintenance

Oil and filter change, diagnostic and alignment.

Intermediate maintenance

Warranty liabilities apply to in-plant damages. Specify the range of warranty cases by phone.

Oil service

Oil services of logging machinery

Diagnostics and resetting

Diagnostics, resetting
and adjustment of logging machinery and equipment.

Other services

If you haven't found the service you are interested in, click "call me back". We will consult you for free on the issue you are interested in.

You can also order the repair and manufacturing duplicates of logging equipment from us

gibbet repair and manufacturing

hydraulic cylinders of turning gears manufacturing and repair

catch pins manufacturing

swing gear housing repair and manufacturing

turning gear shaft

repair rotary rack

boring of basic part

bearing set reconstruction

Overcome the breakdowns of your equipment Efficiently and quickly. We order the team within a day.
Didn't find what you need? Click on the " Learn more " and we will consult you for free on all services of the TIGER company.
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Spare parts for logging equipment
Main office:
Minsk city,
Kozlova alleyway, b. 25
office 17
UNN 80002627
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